We strive to find the perfect property for your needs and budget. We will match and locate a house, apartment, or parcel to your specific preferences regarding the residential area, budget, number of rooms, nature attributes of the neighborhood, quality of local education systems, proximity to synagogues, parks, etc.
We will also consider additional selection parameters such as whether the property is for a residential stay or rental investment, identify areas with high rent yield for investment purposes, property tax and maintenance costs, and the potential of quickly selling it in a short time, in case it needs to be done.
We also study the local development plans to advise you of future noise/construction and potential changes in the neighborhood. Our goal is to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

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We provide mortgage consulting services to match the right mortgage for your needs. We identify and negotiate the best terms at the various banks on your behalf, adjust the mortgage venues offerings to your needs and financial resources, and assist you in evaluating the offers. We will work with you to prepare and submit any necessary paperwork and documentation.

If appropriate, we will also examine loans at various financial institutions to supplement equity or as a substitute for a mortgage for those not eligible to receive a mortgage from banking institutions.

One must have a local bank account to buy a property in Israel. We will guide you through the process of opening a bank account and transferring funds to Israel. We will match a financial institution to the type of account that meets your needs (private / business), assist you with the preparation of documents, and attend the account opening process with you. We can transfer funds in various currencies.
We have the expertise to provide these services to different types of clients: Israelis living abroad, clients who plan to move to Israel and obtain citizenship, new immigrants, customers who have submitted documents for Aliyah (immigration) and have not yet completed the process, and clients who invest as a Business Entity.

We have assembled a diversified team of experienced professionals to facilitate and ease the challenges of purchasing real estate while residing in another country. We know the difficulty of buying real estate from a distance and the difficulties arising from the lack of familiarity with the local service personnel.
Our portfolio comprises a full range of services created to execute all the required activities to purchase and maintain real estate in Israel.
We can connect our clients with top professionals in these fields who have a long track record of fruitful work together, including real estate attorneys, insurance agents, and appraisers. We endeavor to ensure you get the best possible advice and service throughout the process.

We provide various coordinated services for renovation to fit the property to your purpose, be it residential living, renting while you are away, or any combination of goals. We offer customized solutions for each client’s needs and preferences. From light renovation and redesign to planning, architecture, design, and execution supervision. We also manage the related process of getting the required local permits and approvals for the renovation.

Alin Goldshtein
Efrat Weiss

Once you decide to sell your property, we offer a complete range of services, such as professional staging, photography, advertising the property on our website, and customizing promotional advertising.

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We provide the following services for our clients’ renovation needs: home staging and design, tenant screening, rent collection, property maintenance and repairs, property inspections and condition reports, and financial and municipal correspondence. We provide peace of mind, time savings, cost-efficiency, increased property value, and reduced risk.

We specialize in premium community services where we customize housing solutions to our client’s needs as a community, whether it’s a community that wants to make Aliyah together and purchase an entire project or several apartments in a project. It also can include researching the location of a new (community) synagogue or an appropriate neighborhood with schools and community services.
We can accommodate premium housing solutions for individuals or an entire community

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