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With 17 years of experience, TAO Real Estate has assisted clients worldwide in establishing a solid and stable residential foundation in Israel. In TAO, you have a partner who can provide a full range of services and support all your needs regarding real estate transactions.

Account management

Money transfers

Real estate legal services

Real estate purchases

Consultation on mortgages, insurance, and financial requirements

We perform most of the services on behalf of clients who live abroad so that you don’t need to be present for the various transactions.

The strengths that differ us

from any other companies:

Knowledge of the local market: We have a deep understanding of the local real estate market, including the different neighborhoods, schools, and amenities. We are also familiar with the current trends in the market, we can assist you find the right property for your needs and budget. Even if the property is not featured on our site.

We provide a full range of financial and ancillary services “in-house”. Such as: opening an account and transferring the funds, mortgage consultants, insurance consulting, real estate attorney consulting, and more. This way, you can be sure you are receiving a full range of services and professional assistance to assist you purchase a real estate in Israel.

We have the expertise to navigate the Israeli bureaucracy: The Israeli bureaucracy can be complex and time-consuming, but at TAO Real Estate we are familiar with the processes and can help you navigate it smoothly.

We provide counseling on setting up an account in an Israeli financial institution and transferring money to Israel quickly and easily. We also assist with the necessary paperwork and documentation.

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TAO stands out from the others by offering end-to-end comprehensive, integrated services and professional assistance to accomplish your goal of owning a home in Israel.

We support you from the initial steps of conducting real estate research to meet your requirements and continuing with all the activities involved in the purchasing process, such as opening an account in an Israeli financial institution, money transfer, and any legal documentation required by regulations.

TAO Real Estate believes real estate transactions in Israel —buying, selling, or renting/selling/renting—should be a positive experience. We’re committed to providing our clients with reliable service and support.

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